The Shunted #8

“The Precipice”

The Farmlands of Earth-Tau. The Trinary Manifold.

Corsair cursed herself for allowing Fresca to get the better of them. She let sex get in the way of better judgment, and she wasn’t the only one who felt like an idiot. Her lover, Wanda, wasn’t exactly happy about the matter, either. Now she and Wabda were at the mercy of the alien and her small group of farmhands whom she had somehow coerced into working for her.

<“Your boat now belongs to me!”> Fresca announced.

She examined the flintlocks she confiscated from Corsair and Wanda, after which she handed them to two of her men. She looked back at the two women with disgust. Such fools they were to give themselves over to her so demeaningly. Sex to her was but a tool she used, one that she enjoyed greatly, but was still a useful tool nonetheless. She motioned with her hands for her men to tie them up. As Wanda’s hands were tied behind her back with rope, Corsair elbowed the man behind her and took off. Wanda attempted to bolt as well, but Fresca knocked her down with a solid punch to the stomach.

<“Wait for me!”> the red-skinned alien shouted at her men, pointing to the ground.

They understood, and one man put his left foot down on Wanda’s upper back to keep her pinned down. Meanwhile, Fresca pursued Corsair through the cornfield with determination. The captain of the Concordio II ran as hard as she could. She wasn’t about to let Fresca take over her boat, but she did feel terrible for leaving Wanda behind, although she knew the woman wouldn’t hold it against her since she knew for certain Corsair would return for her.

<“Stop now, or I will kill you, woman!”> Fresca demanded.

The chase continued. There was no way Corsair could not leave a trail for Fresca to follow. The corn stalks wouldn’t allow it. The field seemed to stretch on forever, even though Corsair was running straight through without making any changes in direction. She knew there had to be an exit, and she was determined she would find it. A few minutes later, she did, only to run into a field of wheat.

“Damn!” Corsair cursed.

She continued onward. She heard Fresca shouting alien obscenities, as her pursuit of the pirate captain proved relentless. After a good run, Corsair emerged from the wheat field and came to an abrupt stop, just before she reached the edge of a deadly precipice. Corsair saw nothing but rocks and water below. Across the lengthy gap was a jungle as far as the eye could see. She turned around just in time to come face-to-face with a gleeful Fresca.

<“I have you now!”> the alien exclaimed, pacing in front of her prey.

The struggle began, as the women locked hands. Fresca was much stronger than Corsair, however, as her alien race was known for its plentiful strength, even in their females. Fresca quickly tired of it, however, and rendered a swift uppercut to Corsair that knocked her back enough to cause her to nearly fall off the edge of the cliff. 

<“You will die here, now,”> Fresca promised.

“Keep spewing your nonsense, wench,”Corsair replied. “You will not prevail over me! You will neither take my ship, nor will you harm my people!”

Again, they struggled. Corsair refused to give up. She refused to allow this woman to best her, no matter how strong and determined she was to do it. In swift motion, Corsair managed to twist Fresca’s arm around her back, headbutted her in the face, and then roughly turned her around, solidifying her hold on the red-skinned alien female.

“Surrender!” Corsair demanded.

Fresca headbutted her in the face, which caused Corsair to loosen her grip. The alien spun around sharply and punched her across her bloodied face, after which she gave her a roundhouse right. At this point, Corsair’s nose was broken, and her nostrils were oozing with blood. The angry redhead grabbed the sides of Fresca’s head, attempting to dig her thumbs into the other woman’s eyes. Fresca slammed her fists down on Corsair’s forearms, thus ending the assault, but Corsair just swung them back up and gave her a swift double-fisted punch to the jaw. She then tackled Fresca to the ground, and their struggle was once again renewed.

“You will not win!” Corsair spat resolutely, as did Fresca simultaneously in her alien language.

They rolled around the grass a lot, with one unable to gain the top position for very long. Again Fresca headbutted Corsair, causing the scruffy, but beautiful pirate to jerk back off of her. She stumbled back a bit more, as Fresca rushed up to her feet and lunged at her. Moments later, Corsair plunged off the edge of the cliff and vanished in the rocks and water below. Fresca waited for over a minute not only to catch her breath, but to also make certain Corsair never surfaced, which she didn’t. Then, silently, the red-skinned, black-tattooed alien woman turned away from the precipice, and walked back into the wheat field towards the shore of the farmlands.

When she returned to where she left her men, Wanda lowered her eyes in disappointment and sadness when she realized her beloved Jocelyn was gone. Fresca smirked triumphantly, and then ordered her men to drag the woman back to the Concordio II. It was time to take the ship and leave. With Wanda as her prisoner, it was easy enough to use her to force the crew to surrender. She then horded them all within the hold of the ship, planning to keep them all prisoner until she decided what to do with them.

As the ship pulled up anchor and embarked, Black Crystal and Tessie circled high overhead, concerned for their companions aboard the Concordio II.