Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 10.32.40 AMReal Name: Celestina

Known Relatives: Absolution (sister), Undertaker (son), Asunder (nephew)

Team Affiliation: None

Powers and Abilities: Celestina wields almost supreme power, but she has some form of limitation that limits her power and prevents her from gaining true omnipotence. She has been able to achieve an almost limitless number of effects across all fields with her near-omnipotent skills.

First Appearance: Countdown to Fractured #20

History: Celestina is the physical embodiment of the Outerverse, a sister to Absolution, who is the physical embodiment of the Innerverse (the Sunburst Universe). She usually only intervenes when the universe itself is in danger. Otherwise, she has her Warriors of Valor acting in her stead.

Appearance List:

  • PRISM #7
  • FRACTURED #16-17
  • FRACTURED #19-20


Created by Vito Delsante & Uriel Duran to be used as an open source character created specifically for use by anyone.

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