Corinthia is a country of the Hyborean Age on Earth-M. It was stolen by the Undertaker and placed within the Shard, which was located within the Outerverse.

The Maze District is a tangle of muddy, winding alleys and sordid dens, frequented by the bolder thieves in the kingdom. It is indeed a maze of black alleys and enclosed courts and devious ways and shadowed plazas; of furtive sounds, and stenches. There is no paving on the streets; mud and filth mingles in an unsavory mess. Sewers are unknown; refuse is dumped into the alleys to form reeking heaps and puddles. Unless a man walks with care he is likely to lose his footing and plunge waist-deep into nauseous pools. Nor is it uncommon to stumble over a corpse. A death cry on darkened stairs is nothing unusual.

Aristocracy occupies purple-towered marble and ivory palaces. There is a curtained door into a well-lighted broad circular chamber, banded by a gallery half-way between the polished floor and the lofty ceiling. There is an ornate mahogany table, loaded with vessels of wine and rich viands. There are broad mirrors on the walls, with velvet hangings between. There are silken couches, chairs of ebony and ivory.

Swaggering Corinthian mercenaries swill and wench all night and fight all day.


Disclaimer: Muriela, Bêlit, and Corinthia were created by Robert E. Howard, and these versions are in no way affiliated with the original version of the characters and places. No copyright infringement is intended. The author received no payment for any stories taking place in the Sunburst Universe and the Outerverse, and their usage is for entertainment purposes only. The character variants and stories are by Andrew R. Burke.

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