Tangent Lantern

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tangent-lantern.pngReal Name: Ferris Lane

Known Relatives: None

Team Affiliation: None

Powers and Abilities: With this lantern, Ferris can resurrect the dead, teleport, and travel through dimensions.

First Appearance

History: Ferris Lane of Earth-DC9 was an adventurer/archaeologist who was murdered and brought back to life, as well as empowered by, a mystical green lantern she carried around with her. She became dedicated to making murderers suffer, often wandering the Outerverse until she was pulled to any murderous activities she needed to resolve.

Appearance List:

Tangent Green Lantern is the property of DC Comics, a Warner Brothers Company. No copyright infringement is intended. This usage makes no money, and is for entertainment purposes only.

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