Lost Worlds

This is a list of worlds in their original forms that have since been destroyed.

EARTH-BETA was a world of archaic humanity. (Destroyed in THE FRACTURING #16)

EARTH-MU was a world filled with astounding ideas. (Destroyed in COUNTDOWN TO FRACTURED #13)

EARTH-PHI was a world of wonders. (Destroyed in CATASTROPHIC #1/THE FRACTURING #1)

EARTH-PHI II was an amalgamated world. (Destroyed in THE OFF-WORLDERS #98)

EARTH-RHO was a world of the bizarre. (Destroyed in THE FRACTURING #30)

EARTH-TAU was a world without superpowers. (Destroyed in THE OFF-WORLDERS ANNUAL #2)

EARTH-ZETA was a world where the Nazis won World War II and took over the world. (Destroyed in THE FRACTURING #6)