Other Earths

SU Multiverse

There are 26 known Earths in the Sunburst Multiverse. They all operate at a different frequency, which a traveler needs in order to traverse there, unless one is transported to another Earth randomly. The multiverse was first discovered by Lorielle Brent, a.k.a. Mystic Mistress of Earth-Alpha, one day in the 21st Century when she used her magic to look beyond her universe. She mapped it all, and even visited several worlds, but on her way to her home dimension, something happened that split her asunder, dividing her into pieces that were spread across all alternate worlds. She is unable to reassemble the parts of her she lost, as they each permanently adopted the frequency of the world they inhabited and also developed lives of their own. She eventually recovered most of the power level she lost.

Originally, there had been only 19 worlds discovered by Mystic Mistress, but recently an unknown phenomenon restored an additional 5 more universes (Chi, Mu, Nu, Psi, and Upsilon) and corresponding Earths that had actually existed prior to the disclosure that were taken by the cosmic astronomer calling himself Janus for further study. In addition, Earth-Sampi was hidden from the rest of the multiverse by the Sovereign for his own purposes, and has only recently been placed back in its proper location. And Earth-Tsan has also appeared, but its origins are completely unknown seemingly by anyone.

Earth’s Eta and Omega are being hoarded and hidden by the Multiversal Mistress, and there is currently no way to travel to and from these worlds.

Earth-GA originated in the Outerverse, but has since been positioned in Universe-Alpha by the Sovereign for undisclosed reasons in the very spot Counter-Earth once occupied (on the other side of the Sun).

The Worlds of the Known Multiverse

  • EARTH-ALPHA II is the prime Earth of the Sunblast Universe where most adventures take place.
  • EARTH-BETA II is a world of archaic humanity.
  • EARTH-CHI is a world of ultimate freedom.
  • EARTH-DELTA is a world locked in an Ice Age.
  • EARTH-EPSILON is a universe where life evolved on Venus rather than Earth.
  • EARTH-ETA is the world of Scandinavian horror.
  • EARTH-GAMMA is a world where most people are happy.
  • EARTH-IOTA is a world where everyone suffers from some form of mental illness.
  • EARTH-KAPPA is a world still going through the Renaissance.
  • EARTH-LAMBDA is a world where heroes and villains are inspired by victims and killers of the past, or they are based on them.
  • EARTH-MU II is unclassified.
  • EARTH-NU is a world of lust and sex.
  • EARTH-OMEGA is a world where superheroes are gods and worshiped as such.
  • EARTH-OMICRON is a world filled with heroes of science fiction.
  • EARTH-PHI III is currently unclassified.
  • EARTH-PI is an advanced world where humankind has achieved immortality through robotics.
  • EARTH-PSI is a world that is 90% desert.
  • EARTH-RHO II is a world that is spectral in nature and its people are wraiths.
  • EARTH-SAMPI is an advanced world where its inhabitants harness the fluidic energy force called the Vril and women are stronger and more dominant than men.
  • EARTH-SIGMA is a world with techno-western qualities.
  • EARTH-TAU II is a world where superhuman powers are jumpstarted by artificial means. It is also xenophobic, always preparing for an invasion by aliens or other-dimensional forces.
  • EARTH-THETA is a world where all life exists in underwater cities, with water covering 80% of the world. The rest of the planet is sky.
  • EARTH-TSAN is a world where 90% of its populace is afflicted with some form of lycanthropy.
  • EARTH-UPSILON is a highly-technological utopia protected, along with the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy, by a seemingly impenetrable force field to prevent outside influences from disturbing what took centuries to build.
  • EARTH-XI is a post-apocalyptic world nearly destroyed by an alien invasion, causing the survivors to become extremely xenophobic.
  • EARTH-ZETA II is a world much like the real world.

In addition, there is a world that somehow survived the heat death of the previous universe. It is being referred to as Dark Earth.

Located on the opposite side of the Sun in Universe-Alpha is another alternate Earth.

  • EARTH-GA is a world still undergoing World War II in the early 1940s.

Located on the opposite side of the sun in the other universes are Counter-Earths.

Located within Inducer #003, this universe is a repository of alternate Earths created by him for reasons of his own.